(Guitar, drums, keyboard, horns etc)
Blended and contemporary worship experience helpful.
High energy and spirit filled worship!
Candidates need to be ready to practice one hour before each service.
- Thursday Service at 7:00 pm.
- Sunday Service at 11:00 a.m.



Our nursery functions with a vital role in the very early stages of our children’s lives. Here, we aim to give heed to foundational teaching in Jesus Christ, in an age appropriate way.

Canidate would be a consistent presence welcoming parents and their children to the nursery on Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings 30 minutes prior to worship starting time and 15 minutes after or until all children have been retrieved by their parents.

Qualifications: (Over 21 years of age.)
1. A person exhibiting Christian faith and commitment.

2. Training and/or experience in working with young children.

3. One who would relate well with both young children and parents.

4. Satisfactory background check.

5. Basic first aid procedures.

6. Dependable

1. Overseeing nursery; with flexibility of helping in any of the classrooms as needed (this refers to separation anxiety for children). However, the children in the toddler room especially needs to see a familiar face.

2. The director would ensurr a safe and a pleasant environment with age appropriate toys and activities.

3. The director would be expected to learn to know all parents and children and provide a consistent presence for the parents and the children. They would oversee child check-in with the use of pagers or other ways of identification/communication with
parents as needed, as well as assist parents with special needs children.

4. A director Would schedule workers and make sure that the Nursery is equipped with adequate equipment and supplies (items for replacement, diapers, toys, snacks, info such as new children
attending). They would be responsible to the Pastor.

5. Supervise pager system and sign in for parents.

Please contact Pastor Curtis Cantrell for more information.


A full-time student minister who has a heart for youth and a strong desire to lead others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. The Student Minister will work alongside and with the senior pastor to coordinate and supervise events, and community ministries, along with community outreach. The student minister will be expected to provide pulpit supply as needed.

You must be called by God to work as a student minister. You must be Southern Baptist by choice. Experience working with youth and seminary education preferred.
- Thursday Service at 7:00 pm.


Through this vision many faithful workers weekly answer the call to go out and bring boys, girls, men, and women, every Sunday to hear the glorious gospel preached. Our goal in the bus ministry is to go and reach the lost and disciple them in having a loving relationship with Jesus Christ.

In this ministry, it is vitally important that each worker has a heart to love
people: children and the unlovely - as Chirst has love each of us. You, your love, your genuine concern, and attention could make an eternal difference in one of these lives.
All those working in the van ministry are directly answererable and accountable to the pastor.

Making sure that van route operates smoothly.
Making sure that the weekly Saturday morning visitation (10:00 a.m to Noon) is
organized, promoted and carried out.
Making sure that vehicles are well maintained

- Thursday Service at 5:45 pm.
- Sunday Service at 9:45 a.m.


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