As a new church, we will not initially have all of the programs and ministries that many look for in a church home. Yet, at the same time, it is the freshness and vitality of Abundant Harvest that forms a unique opportunity that you will not find elsewhere.

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 Pastor Curtis Cantrell



If you are looking to hear a preacher that delivers God 's message you have to go to AHBC and hear Paster Curtis Cantrell.  You will leave feeling blessed.  Pastor Curtis and sister Che are God's chosen people.  You feel the love, warmth, and the Holy Spirit that is generated by AHBC. He is one of the hardest working men I know.  When they moved from Fl to Ga to be closer to the church.  Pastor and his wife stayed with us. Their whole life is about God's work you see it in how they live, the way they pray.  If you need a revival in your life you need to attend AHBC and shake the Cantrells' hand. ~ Dennis Perkins


Seems like yesterday Pastor Curtis and Sister Che knocked on our door inviting our family to attend their new church AHBC. We were number 4 and watch the attendance grow to over 100 first year. You might wonder why when so many
church's are failing.

I feel it is because you can feel the Holy Spirit and God at work, you feel the love and the warmth that is generated every time you attend and you leave feeling blessed and excited to return. Pastor Curtis loves the lord and preaches his word from the bible.

We moved back to Va. and so miss the church.
Attend one time and if you are searching to learn and hear God's word you will be very blessed ~ Betty Perkins